Welcome to my site providing informations about remapping of Diesel-Engines.

Remapping is possible for most engines with Bosch EDC ECU’s.
The remapping is reversible. You can go back for the original firmware at any time.

Here you will find a collection of tools/informations specific for FCA engines,

but can be applied to other brands of course.

Which mods are possible:

  • CO2 optimization, longer engine life!
  • extented DPF regeneration intervalls – more than ~40% -> less fuel consumption, more power, extended oil-change intervalls
  •  better driveability, better startability
  • tuning of course, in all ranges -> the torque curves shown here are proposals
  • Gearbox / Clutch protection -> less torque in lower gears and max. torque in high gears
  • extented cruise control range
  • extented pre-glowing
  • faster signal processing -> extreme throttle response

All this stuff is intended for track-cars only!! It will violate your local law when used for driving on public roads!!